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Who am I and why? This is about me


Unusual, but okay – now it’s time for me. Just because. To let you look behind my facade, and figure out who I am, I choose the interview. Normally I actually do all the interviews for my-GREENstyle, this time I have to talk to myself. Gorgeous – an official justification for self-talks! I’ve also tried this in the past for a large magazine. When my interview partner said, he don´t understand my questions… I do not mention names at this point. No matter, the page had to be filled and I asked him to interview himself. The idea I already liked at the time – so why not repeat? Find answers to the question “Who’s that Girl?”

And if any questions are still open, which you would have answered here gladly – always her thereby. I like to talk and have nothing (at least not much) to hide.

Who's that Girl

I was considered unapproachable. But actually no one understands my (insane good!) Jokes

Who’s that Girl? It is me, Mirjam!

my-GREENstyle: Sustainability means for you?
Mirjam: I do not really like the word sustainability. It lacks precisely the sexiness that we want for our theme. So if someone has a better idea – at any time gladly! Back to the topic: Sustainability means conscious life for me. No renunciation. No dogma. I am concerned that I understand what I do with my actions. And that I have the responsibility in doubt.

my-GREENstyle: And what do you want to tell your readers on my-GREENstyle.com?
Mirjam: Much more important is what I DO NOT want. I do not want to convert. I will not denounce, not make a convincing lecture because, for whatever reason, everyone buys conventional fashion. Everyone needs to know that. On my-GREENstyle.com I would like to show only alternatives. Everyone has to decide himself.

my-GREENstyle: Has your purchasing behavior changed since you made my-GREENstyle?
Mirjam: That has actually changed. After working as an editor for fashion magazines for more than 16 years, fashion plays a big role in my life. I love fashion and I always liked shopping. The urge for constantly new looks has diminished enormously over the last time. I am very satisfied with a few well-selected pieces that can be combined very well.

my-GREENstyle: And where do you buy now?
Mirjam: Actually, I do not buy much anymore, because I already have everything – my clothes in the closet are probably still enough for my daughters when they are big enough. But of course, you always want to bring some variety into the looks. I love vintage shopping. Recently, I was at a fantastic pop-up event “Old is the New New” in Munich and I discovered an unworn (!) Jeans from Acne Studios, who was looking for a new home. The event will now be regular and I would like to be there again.

my-GREENstyle: And why just vintage?
Mirjam: This is not a matter of changing trends. Here are favorite pieces from the past, waiting for to be breathed back into life. You always have to bring some time, but the way is worth every time. I have already found many wonderful pieces. And I have never met anyone with my highwaist pinstripe trousers from Escada.

my-GREENstyle: And when you buy new goods – do you only buy Slow-Fashion?
Mirjam: As I said, I buy relatively little. In the case of new parts, I am already aware that they are sustainably produced. However, I must admit that I am not 100 percent consistent. When I discover something that I really, really must have, then I buy it. Point.

my-GREENstyle: The last part you bought for you in a conventional shop?
Mirjam: This was a sky blue striped oversized blouse by Chloé Stora.

my-GREENstyle: What makes you so much interested in your blog activity?
Mirjam: Meet exciting people, find interesting labels, writing texts – even if this is sometimes tedious after eight hours of money job.

my-GREENstyle: You would like to be…
Mirjam: … once again the indescribable child I was with 7 years. Sometimes I even come close to it: when I’m with my mother, slip into my slippers, look comfortably in the chair and get fully care. Great.

Who's that Girl

I do not like to be in the foreground. Even though I can keep my trap hard

my-GREENstyle: Your favorite food?
Mirjam: I am a bull and he loves to eat. Accordingly, I like very much very good. I love Austrian delicacies like bacon dumplings on cabbage (sorry, I’m just occasional vegetarian) as well as Spanish tapas and Italian Penne Al’Arrabiata (extra hot!), Mexican fajitas, Indian curries.

my-GREENstyle: Where can you relax best?
Mirjam: Fortunately I am fast relaxing. A one-hour stay in the bathtub with a good book is worth gold. Relaxation places outside the house are definitely at the water or in the mountains. When I have to go quickly, I grab a towel and escape with the family to our mini-lake property on Lake Starnberg. Or we run some mountains on the weekend (together with all others from Munich).

my-GREENstyle: Bad Habits?
Mirjam: One? Okay, I love TV series, but unfortunately at the moment I´ve to less time. On my list: “Black Mirror” on Netflix (since I watched it on the evening before the Fashion Week I´m now on fire. Thanks, Silke!). And I meet in the evening far too often with friends, even if I know that I urgently belongs to bed. (Thanks to Martin, Susi & Co. at this point)

my-GREENstyle: Day or night person?
Mirjam: Definitely night. I also passed on to my two daughters. The two find that “sleeping is the most horrible of the world.”

my-GREENstyle: At the age of 45, you are one of the older bloggers in the branch. How does that feel?
Mirjam: 45? Time flies!

my-GREENstyle: And what about sports?
Mirjam: A long, long time ago I was quite sporty, I played handball and volleyball in the club. I even had sport advanced course. With my studies and my constant pending, this has somehow stayed on the line. What has remained: skiing and sailing – both as often as possible. A few years ago, inspired by my daughters, I started playing field hockey. But there is definitely still a lot of air up.

my-GREENstyle: And what would you like to do differently?
Mirjam: I would like to have more time. For my family, my friends (sorry, Marcy!), My blog, for me. The day is just too short.

my-GREENstyle: What do you dream of?
Mirjam: From a looooong holiday. With the family. Somewhere where it is warm. Southeast Asia perhaps. With as good as nothing in the luggage. Short, shirt and flip flops. When does it start?!

my-GREENstyle: Your plans for 2017?
Mirjam: Everything a bit slower. After all, the issue is “slow”. But I have so many topics on the table and in the head 🙂

To be continued…

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