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Three days, 3000 exhibitors, ten Favorite Labels - a look back at the Innatex


Somehow, the Innatex was always too close to the Berlin Fashion Week. Besides, I falsely assumed that I had already seen everything that was exciting for me at the Greenshowroom. And the Innatex is celebrating its 30th anniversary. Plus: There was a blog meeting … Long story short: I spent three days on the Innatex, met old acquaintances again, discovered new labels and had many, many exciting conversations. It is much more time here than in Berlin

Voila: My Innatex Favorite Labels

Innatex Favorite Label # 1: Shine Concept

In January Johanna Riplinger was already with the first parts from her new second line Shine Concept at the Greenshowroom in Berlin. But at the Innatex, the German designer with studio in Paris performed her full plant color experience. Dreamlike patterns, great materials, perfect cuts – organic, botanical, vegan. What more do you want! All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

As delicate as the designer – the new Shine collection by Johanna Riplinger

Innatex Favorite Label # 2: Komodo

The British Fair Fashion Label I had on the screen for some time. At the Innatex I am right now stumbled into the stand of the British. Good to know: Komodo has been using organic cotton, bamboo, hemp & Co. since the early 1990s. The upcoming spring / summer collection 2018 has few beautiful topics. But in the beige-rosé-black-pink rayon skirt from the “Desert Trek” line, I have fallen in love. The is definitely on my shopping list very far up! All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

Three, two, one, mine – this skirt is on my list for next summer!

Innatex Favorite Label # 3: MINU by Lana

The Aachen-based textile company Lana also celebrates its 30th birthday in 2017 (among other things, with delicious cocktails at the stand). I am particularly impressed by the subline MINU, which is more recent than the mother label. I must admit that I had not them on the screen so far. But this ensemble (picture) here ensures that I have finally dealt with the label. Accordingly, it will probably always happen in the future again on my-GREENstyle. All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

New on my radar – the Minu collection from Lana

Innatex Favorite Label # 4: Goodsociety

Whether pressdays in Munich, Greenshowroom in Berlin or now on the Innatex – to Goodsociety I always paid a visit. Because the Hamburg –based denim label of Dietrich Weigel makes in my opinion the best fair fashion jeans. Classy enough not to get out of style, but always a timeless hit. Whether it’s a cleaner slim-cut or – now new – the high-waist denim or the denim jogger – the fit is simply the H.A.M.M.E.R. And that’s why I’m going to get up again: my dark gray favorite jeans I absolutely need in light “summer gray”. All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

In dark gray I already have it. But the bright stone louse gray MUST be part of my Capsule wardrobe!

Innatex Favorite Label # 5: Recolution

Organic, fair, vegan, plastic-free. There’s a lot of good stuff in a single label, right ?! And the mainly gray, blue, white and black streetwear parts looks great, too. But it goes even further: Every part of the Hamburg-based label is provided with a small sachet with sunflower seeds. Give back, so to speak. Produced in Portugal and Turkey. And my favorite piece? A “jogging pants” made of organic cotton in a denim look (about 90 euros). All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

Streetwaer-Couture from Hamburg – and then still COMPLETE without plastic

Innatex Favorite Label # 6: Greentee

And another label from my hometown! It all started with a small but very fine shirt collection last year. And that was already great! A year later, there is a complete jersey couture collection with shirts and dresses. All with the Greentee extra in design – mesh inserts, stand-up collars, sled blouses or the shirt becomes the “Shlouse” (shirt + blouse).

Thumbs up for the Jersey-Couture from Munich

Obviously, GOTS certified from Greece. Production takes place in Slovenia and Poland. And because at Greentee everything is maximally consistently reared: instead of in plastic bags, the Greentee is packaged in bags from South Tyrolean apple dishes, the clothes hanger made of cotton rope in a Stuttgart-based handicraft factory. The wooden hangtags can be reused for the shopping cart. Favorite part? Actually everything! But the blouses have once again made me particularly happy. The bags are made of snappapp. This is vegan leather, which is made from a paper-latex mixture. All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

Every part is a favorite piece with extra attention to detail

Innatex Favorite Label # 7: Wild Fawn Jewelery

Jewelry has been a bit short with me so far. What a pity. There are such beautiful things also in the sustainable area. On my stand visit with Laura from Studio Eco, I really wanted to look at the new Suite 13 collection and then stayed with Wild Fawn. The London jewelery label is made of recycled silver. Fairtrade, certified, fantastic! And I was so enthusaiastic about this jewelry discovery that I looked at the grandiose Suite 13 collection, but completely forgot to make fotos. Accordingly, there is no photo this time :). A real favorite part, however, I have found in Suite 13 but still: the knee long silk dress “Daphne”, which is (quite sustainably) in so many different ways to wear. All information is here

Great shapes, delicate chains – and then also lasting! Wild Fawn from London

Innatex Favorite Label # 8: Reet Aus / Upshirt

Already a few seasons ago I came into contact with Reet Aus in Berlin. The Estonian not only makes incredibly avant-garde collections. She is also one of the top 7 most influential women in Scandinavia. But here at the Innatex it was about her newest project. The label Upshirt. And the name already reveals the concept behind it. From blends arise namely these grandiose, 1a cut favorite pieces with the marked Up-arrow. My opinion? Great idea – perfect! All information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

Thumbs up for the upcycling shirts from Upshirt from Estonia

Innatex Favorite Label # 9: Vatter

There are only three cuts for ladies and gentlemen at the sustainable lingerie label Vatter from Munich. But they are so great that once again the proven “less is more” devise is true. It all started in 2015 with a boxershort. It was to be revolutionized. And if one now have a look at the GOTS-certified pieces of Vatter will check one among other things. High-quality fabric, it becomes clear what is going on at Vatter: the combination of design, function AND sustainability. To “cotton with attitude” so to speak. Vegan is also mentioned by the way. Vegetable-based color is used for dyeing. My favorite piece? The “terrazzo” set – a wonderful blend of animal print, graffiti, jungle feeling … All the information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

From my hood and quite, very great – Lingerie by Vatter

Innatex favorite label # 10: Kavat

Now on my radar is the Swedish family business Kavat. In addition to their focus on high-quality children’s and running shoes, the Scandinavians also starts a fantastic collection for women. And next spring – we hope now for a great summer – we can look forward to beautiful classic sandals in three color variations. What color it has done to me should not be difficult to guess. I just have to decide which model it will be … All the information is here

Innatex Lieblingslabels

The pain of choice – but at least the color is fixed

All information about Innatex and the complete list of exhibitors can be found here

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