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Win now: 100 & taste - 0% Waste


Glass straws not only look better in drinks, they also make the world a little better. Three billion (!) Plastic straws are thrown away worldwide every day because coffee, cocktails & Co. still seduce countless people to drink their drink through a straw that ends up in the trash after a short while. Or even worse: in the sea. And there the stupid things rank among the top 5 of the world’s plastic problems. I am sorry that I will not get tired of repeating this number over and over again (measured in tons by the way 3000!). But that just can not be! To make his life a little more sustainable is really quite simple. A first step? Bye-bye, plastic straws, hello glass!

Glass straws make the world a bit better

Straw (hence the name), paper (will eventually soften when drinking), bamboo and stainless steel are very good alternatives. But I think glass straws are even better because they a) feel better when drinking b) do not end up in the bin like paper and straw after use and c) are more hygienic than the stainless steel version. You can see when cleaning that they are really clean. So what’s the other reason for fresh fruit in the smoothies for my daughters? Right advised: glass straws!

100% taste – 0% garbage: glass straws from Halm

Sipping cocktails, smoothing down smoothies, enjoying latte – Halm glass straws do it all, while protecting the environment. They are recyclable, environmentally friendly and even healthier because they are free of hideous plasticizers. The chic strawsare made in Germany of extra-stable glass at the traditional company Schott. A cleaning brush is included with every order and in the dishwasher they also can. Of course, glass straws from Halm are consistently packaged in mineral oil-free materials.

Advent competition: Glass straws from Halm

And because we promised to make the world a bit greener with the #GreenXmasChallenge, I’ll be giving away two great sets of straw (value: around 30 euros), each consisting of a chic blue transport bag, four glass Straws and the practical cleaning brush. Good luck and green Christmas! Closing date: 17.12.2017


Your win: We raffle 2x the Family-Set to go inclusive the blue bag, four glass straws and a cleaning brush.

Not won? Until 24.12.2017, the Halm of Halm in the online shop with the discount code “Weihnachten” is 25 percent cheaper!

#plasticissoyesterday – good to know

No desire for plastic straw in the cocktail? Then you must be fast, because the stupid things are put on the bar super fast in your drink. Therefore: already with the order point out that you do not want to have one. And do not let the bartender out of his sight, because unfortunately this special request is still so surprising that it will be forgotten in a second.

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