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Fairfashion as a mission - Inez Bjørg David (c) Veronika Natter


The German-speaking Danish Inez Bjørg David made a breakthrough in 2003 with the soap “Verbotene Liebe”. On the big screen, we saw her last in 2015 in Hape Kerkeling’s road movie “I’m off for a bit, then“. But actress is only one of the professions of the lively Danish woman. In addition to her TV and film roles, the “Tatort” star is the managing director of the eco-living portal miwai.com where she sells sustainable Fashion like L’Herb Rouge, Les Racines Du Ciel and Studio Jux for women, men and children. By the way, the twin mother and confessional vegan is the ambassador of the World Future Council and sits on the advisory board of the Cradle to Cradle e.V. How serious it is for her with the theme Fairfashion is to be seen with her latest coup: On the website liebernackt.de has the 34-year-old, true to the slogan “Prefer naked, than to be ecologically incorrect” videos, with which she draws attention to exaggerated consumption, exaggerated production at the expense of man, animal, nature and ultimately of ourselves. I was allowed to sit next to her during the Salonshow at the Greenshowroom. Of course, we had a little talk about her wardrobe, fairfashion, natural cosmetics and of course her “naked videos”.

Interview with Inez Bjørg David

my-GREENstyle: You are living vegan and runs an online shop with sustainable fairfashion. When has sustainability been so important in your life?
Inez Bjørg David: Actually this has always been a topic with me. Before, I wanted to be a biologist or zoologist – in any case, something that has to do with nature. But a real fixed part of my life became the sustainability when I got my children. Then you get a little more conscious. You think one step further and would like to exemplify the children something that one finds good.

With my children, sustainability has become an integral part of my life.

my-GREENstyle: “Prefer naked, than to wear ecologically incorrectly produced clothes” – quite brave, your naked campaign. What does your husband say?
Inez Bjørg David: It is a humorous campaign, which is a statement for fair trade. With that my husband is happy. After all, I’m an actress. But the moment of the shoot was also unusual for me. In front of the screen, I am not quite naked – before the team, I was, of course, already.

my-GREENstyle: Which eco-labels do we find in your wardrobe?
Inez Bjørg David: Actually, you can find everything I have in the shop, even in my closet. I am always trying to get fair and correct shopping. Otherwise, I still have favorite pieces from second hand shops. But of course, I also have many things that are older and accordingly do not correspond to my current standards. One is not 100 percent perfect and that noboby wants and can.

No one is 100 percent perfect. This can not be done.

my-GREENstyle: Your style in three words?
Inez Bjørg David: My things must be comfortable, practical and elegant – even though I do not have so much time for elegant looks

my-GREENstyle: And what about natural cosmetics?
Inez Bjørg David: I use very, very little cosmetics because I do not like the feeling on the skin. I cant tolerate many products by the daily make-up in my job. That wasn´t good for me, it was too much. Very rarely I use products from Dr. Hauschka from the Med series, which is specially made for neurodermatitis. But I also use them only in case of need.

The Germans are so much better than they think.

my-GREENstyle: Denmark is ahead of us with regard to sustainability. Do you have an idea why the theme is bigger in your homeland?
Inez Bjørg David: In terms of wind energy, they are further, that’s true. There is no oil, but wind and sea. That makes sense. But I can hardly see the sustained consciousness, as I know it from Germany. Organic products have just entered some classic supermarkets. On occasion you will find health food shops, which correspond to the German “Reformhäuser”. The organic supermarket, as we know it, does not exist in Denmark. The Germans are so much better than they think!

my-GREENstyle: Your personal paradise on earth?
Inez Bjørg David: This is our house on the countryside in Neurupin.

Thanks for the conversation, Inez!

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