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An absolute must for fans of German fashion: the Berliner Mode Salon. Here: Benu Berlin


The fact that Fashion Made in Germany is located in the Berliner Mode Salon in the Kronprinzenpalais is no coincidence. For here the salon culture was at home. And here the tailor-made manufacturing companies were based. This is a very fitting place to have the German fashion here during the Berlin Fashion Week. And a must for anyone who likes German fashion as well as me.

Fashion Made in Germany – my TOP-10 labels

With fashionshows, installations and a one-day group exhibition – with more than 40 participants – now talented German fashion designers have already been given the opportunity to stage their keypieces for buyers, press & co in a suitable setting. For this reason, it is all about the bridging gap between Fashion made in Germany and the (inter) national retail sector.

Fashion Made in Germany # 1: Rianna + Nina

Actually, Rianna and Nina produce their unsurpassed, colorful, cheerful collections of vintage fabrics. In the Berliner Mode Salon, the two designers have now shown their new line, for which they are working with self-made prints for the first time. And they are real works of art. The longer you take a look, the more you can discover. A couture hidden object book so to speak. The materials come from Como. Production continues in Berlin. My tip: lean back, look and just smile …

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 2: Nina Kastens Jewelry

Jewelry is not so strongly represented in the Berliner Mode Salon. All the more beautiful, that the Nina Kastens timeless collection has found the way to the Kronprinzenpalais. Her iconic designs with the exceptionally memorable symbols are made by goldsmith in small factories in Germany. My favorite piece next to the almost legendary “Happy” chain and the “I am good” ring? The chain “The Face”.

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 3: Antonia Goy

“Statement pieces of the highest craftsmanship” is written in the brochure of the Berliner Mode Salon. What can I say – better, it simply can not be summarized. And what is going on in the spring / summer collection 2018 by Antonia Goy, which is mainly produced in Poland and elsewhere in the rest of Europe? It is about integrity, diversity, charity, values. But I would say these pictures do not need text. They speak for themselves …

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 4: Benu Berlin

Be wanted for sustainable designers for the mentoring program, which was launched by the Fashion Council Germany. Et voila, the winners had been clear for a few weeks now and are now showing their collections at the Greenshowroom and the Berliner Mode Salon. Karen Jessen won with her label Benu Berlin together with Julia Leifert from Philomena Zanetti. She makes fantastic Uypcycling collections from wonderful raw denim. Where? In Berlin, of course. On the Benu Ranch!

Mode Made in Germany

An absolute must for fans of German fashion: the Berliner Mode Salon. Here: Benu Berlin

Fashion Made in Germany # 5: Sminfinity

I love strong colors. And I love fancy patterns. But when my view of the minimalist knitwear collection of the Hamburg label Sminfinity has fallen, it was like a surprising flash recovery. So quiet and at the same time so powerful. What a find! Wonderfully monochrome in greige, gray, turquoise and sun-yellow, the cuddly pieces allow the sections and structures enough space to work. Do not steer from their bearer. Everyday Darlings, which can also be worn on special occasions. In a word: great! And wonderfully slow produced with Cashmere from the Mongolai and Climate-Cotton.

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 6: William Fan

William Fan is still relatively new with his label founded in 2015. This is all the more pleasing as his contemporary and visionary statements on the Fashion dictation at the VOGUE x ZEITkonferenz in January. And so he goes his own way with his fantastic unisex collections. Away from the usual trends, seasons and other superfluous mechanisms that make fashion an ugly hamster wheel for designers and consumers, which is unfortunately all too often nowadays.

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 7: Antolina

In the shoe industry, Mariela Montiel is anything but unknown. As head designer of Unnützer and cooperations with Derek Lam & Co., she has breathed fresh air into the Munich-based company. Her excellent style and her love for her South American roots have also been shown for some time by her own shoe label, Antolina. Founded as a charity project (and named after her grandmother), the designer, born in Paraguay, produces hand-made works of art in loving handwork, which have even been transformed into the VOGUE by Patrick Demarchelier. At the same time, she supports the Indian community in her home country Paraguay.

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 8: Isabell Vollrath

The multi-award-winning designer (Berlin Weißensee) stands for the fusion of fashion and art. Also in the past she has worked with upcycling pieces, dressed from recycled coffee sacks. I missed the fashion show of Isabel Vollrath in January, because the dates in Berlin are always too tight, so I was looking forward to the inspirational fresh dolls of her stand in the Berliner Mode Salon …

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 9: Paco y Lola by April and Bonnie

I already discovered the equally dreamy and smart 3-in-1 small furnitures by Kyra Hildebrandt at the Munich Press Days. Three in one because they serve as an artistic seating opportunity. A stylish side table has been used. If the cover is removed, the seating furniture becomes a tray on the couch, the lap etc. Produced from local woods, the racks and upholstery are handmade in Bavaria. The fantastic fabrics are made by Kyra from German and Italian textile manufacturers or brings them from their travels. The favorite pieces of Paco y Lola are available in three sizes, from 699 euros.

Mode Made in Germany

Fashion Made in Germany # 10: Antonia Zander

Founded by the mother, carried along by the daughter. The Munich label Antonia Zander, in addition to dreamlike cashmere favorites, her iconic XL-cuddle-cloths with contrasting fringes, also makes a wonderful living collection with dreamlike pillows. I’ve discovered her stand and would have liked to leave to the beach vacation paradise scene right away. Sustainability and transparency, Antonia has made a great mark. And so she works closely with Italian manufacturers, uses Italian fabrics and produces in Europe. XL cushions with geometric patterns or maritime-inspired prints look at maximum relaxation after first sight. And the clothes? Hit in the middle of my hippie heart

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