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Good news: There is now a great selection of aluminum-free deodorants


Deodorant without aluminum is a pretty big thing in the field of beauty. For years we have sprayed, rolled, peeled everything under our armpits without batting an eyelash. Not or to smell good. We blocked the sweat glands and provided our bodies with a wonderful pot of chemicals and metals. Simply because we simply did not know any better. Now we know better and humanity is slowly turning around.

What I have definitely discovered for myself in recent years? Deodorant-cream! Even though I did not think I could do it with my hands at first – now I can. And I love it. This wonderfully delicate consistency!

Already tested a long time ago: the grandiose Ponyhütchen and Creamy Stuff. By the way, you will find two more great deodorants on my “jewelery” from Vivaness. The link will be available soon.


Deodorant without aluminum – my favorites

Before I start: I would be very interested to find out which deodorant without aluminum you get along the best?

# 1 + 2 deodorant without aluminum: 2x Fine

The story is always the same somehow – somebody looks for the perfect product, does not find it and just makes it himself. But it’s not that easy. So much the better that there are still pioneering spirits like Judith Springer, who do research, research, try, take on any hurdle. And in the end to have developed a terrific product according to her own ideas. Enviable. And the Berlin yoga teacher has so much success with her first cream deodorant in a pretty glass crucible with the delightfully haptic wooden spatula that she has just added another variant.

Deo ohne Aluminium

No suitable deodorant found? Judith Springer just invented one herself.

Only with another fragrant deodorant variant from the tube. Then with the limited co-op with Foxycheeks and the fragrant “Minty Something” stick in the cardboard box. To both deodorants in the picture I can only say: great consistency, super-pleasant scent, maximally effective. Organic, vegan and of course aluminum-free. Designed in Berlin – Made in Germany. The deodorant by Fine in a glass jar for 28 euros is here. The co-op with Foxycheeks costs 37 euros and is also available on fine-deodorant.com

Deo ohne Aluminium

# 3 Deodorant without aluminum: “Herbal Deodorant” by Madara

This deodorant is one of the highlights of the natural cosmetics label Madara from Lithuania. Founder Lotte Tisenkopfa is just as natural as her products. That’s why even pure nature comes into the pots. To do this, the young entrepreneur works with Nordic organic wild plants and leaves no stone unturned to get the most out of the natural ingredients, to find new highly efficient active ingredients from the region and to prove that natural products can have a strong effect. Good to know: Instead of water, all Madara products are based on birch water, whose extraordinary effects are no secret. And: It dries super fast and leaves no trace. Plus: The deodorant roll-on is awarded with the EcoCert seal. Deodorant “Herbal” from Madara, about 12.50 euros. Available at greenglam.de

Deo ohne Aluminium

# 4 Deodorant without aluminum: Deodorant from Hello Simpl

And another Vivaness discovery. I was so enthusiastic about the concept that I asked Lisa if she would like to support our Good Bag for the second #Fair Fashion Forward Blogger Lounge with her great deodorant cream. She has agreed and made ten participants happy. No plastic, no superfluous ingredients. Here is only in, what you really need. What makes a terrific difference, you can find out the easiest, if you tried it yourself. Therefore, the two smart founders Lisa and Jaqueline, who got to know each other during an internship at the Society for Sustainability, offer their stylish vegan and eco-certified DIY sets. For deodorant cream, body butter and washing powder. Good to know: For fragrance allergy sufferers, pregnant women and babies, it is even possible to obtain the sets without fragrance. And: All products are unisex. DIY set for deodorant cream (2 pcs.) by Hello Simple, around 20 Euro. At hellosimple.de

Deo ohne Aluminium

# 5 Deodorant without aluminum: Natural soda deodorant from Ben & Anna

I also discovered these cream deodorants some time ago at the Vivaness and used them for a long time. Again, the history of the founding is based on the desperation of a consumer. The result? A vegan, aluminum-free, wonderfully scented bergamot and lime deodorant. But because I do not want to repeat, you can read the details in my former Vivaness article (and discover a few other highlights at the same time). The glass crucible is no longer available. There are two different stick variants. At ben-anna.com. Price: each about 7.95 euros

Deo ohne Aluminium

# 6 Deodorant without aluminum: Nordic berries from Urtekram

What is special about Scandinavia? Correct. Wind! And that is to be defied. Some plants manage this very well and that is why the Danish natural cosmetics label has taken advantage of the resistance of the Nordic berries and used them for a complete series. The whole line is full of nourishing and regenerating properties of seabuckthorn, blueberries, cranberries and rosehips and the extra dose of natural antioxidants and vitamins is still on top. Apart from the delicate berry fragrance, the creamy deodorant roll-on is wonderfully mild. Available about 7 euros at najoba.de

Deo ohne Aluminium

# 7 Deodorant without aluminum: Spicy Energy by i + m

Coconut, bicarbonate of soda and zinc naturally provide for olfactory safety. The delicate cream lets the skin breathe wonderfully. How tender it is, especially when using after shaving. Nothing is burning. Nothing is pinging. For organic almond and organic olive oil (fair trade!) Maintain the delicate armpit skin. Good to know: The practical 15 ml crucible fits 1A into the handbag and provides protection on the go. The i + m Deo Creme is now available in five different fragrances or, strictly speaking, four. #5 is odorless. My favorite for the summer? Spicy Energy. About 9 euros. At iplusm.berlin

Deo ohne Aluminium

Published: May 8, 2018, 12 o’clock

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