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Grand Finale - Three Days Greenshowroom x Ethical Fashion Show


First of all – that was the best Greenshowroom x Ethical Fashion Show ever. Cool, well-located, harmonious exhibitor selection, great labels. Why I chose TOP 16 Eco-Labels and not one of the popular TOP 5, 7 or 10? Quite simple: I have met so many old acquaintances with their wonderful collections and also discovered new labels that I wanted to choose only for “visual” reasons no limitation. And by the way: This order is not a ranking. The order is simply chronological.

That was the best Greenshowroom x Ethical Fashion show ever

PS: Two labels are criminally missing from my list. That’s Jan ‘n June for one. Why do not they take place here? Because I passed the booth of the two whizstarteres again and again. And always the two were occupied by crowds. And I did not want to disturb them – Business goes by! And even at Reset Priority I did not take a picture. The Spanish swimwear label that works with Econyl will launch a fantastic resort collection for the coming HW season. And you should not take pictures of that yet. Only so much: you will be amazed.

My TOP 16 Eco-Labels from the Greenshowroom

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – re;code

Avantgarde Looks – smart concept: re;code is a bit reminiscent of the revolutionary Asian designers from Yohji Yamamoto to Rei Kawakubo. Not quite wrong, because re;code is from Korea and belongs to the fashion giant Kolon Industrie. Giant seldom sounds auspicious, and so has the Korean XL company made headlines about the mass burning of unsold textiles.

What a fdiscovery: avantgarde upcycling from Korea

In the meantime the company founded the label re;code in March 2012. With a promising mission: to produce new (hand-made!) Designs from existing materials and thus to reduce waste. There, the unsold garments are now processed into a fantastic collection. And not just their own. re;code also uses leftovers from other companies for its upcycling project.

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Sani Kai

At the stand of Sanaz Akaouf I actually landed at random. I met Betty from the Munich PR agency Publicity Rooms here and she told Sanaz about my twin daughters. Why? Because Sanaz will soon also be a twin mother. That connects. We started talking about children. And of course about fashion. Vegan high fashion with couture cuts, which Sanaz produces only to order for zero-waste reasons.

Loooove! Vegan High Fashion from Switzerland

The vegan + zero-waste could look pretty couture every single part proves here. Kimono blouse, over-stretch denim leftover highwaist trousers, great prints, sophisticated cuts. New from HW 2018/19 and vegans will not necessarily enjoy: The collection is no longer 100 percent vegan. At Sani Kai, there are four models of fair-produced organic new wool. Just like the favorite part on this picture here … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Jungle Folk

After falling in love with the wonderful sky blue floor-length skirt from the summer collection, I was curious to see what Pauline has at the start this time. In addition to a wonderfully grounded color palette, there will be many reversible parts for her Swiss label Jungle Folk next winter. A fantastically sustainable way to make a favorite part of two.

From a favorite piece, Jungle Folk just makes two. Thumbs up for that!

Example complacent? The sweater works forward and backward. Oh yes: I picked the wonderful mustard yellow knit sweater at the Fashion Changers x PrePeek Shooting. And the second time, the wonderfully flowing Holderneck dress. That can not be a coincidence, right? Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Another View

You simply could not pass this cuddly touch of anything in wonderfully harmonious colors. Why? With the urge to change something and to set the true values, the two Danes Mette Groth and Dorthe Brøgger founded their Eco label Another View in 2014. Since then they have been working with recycled materials, as well as with this fluffy mohair (picture).

The Philosophy of Another View: clean, fair, recycled

The dreamlike knit collections are made in a certified company in Italy. Good to know: Many knitted items are manufactured using zero-waste principles. Another View also works with Leftovers and the eco-friendly material Lyocell. Also in the program: GOTS certified cotton and brand new Peacesilk. The result is ultrafeminine lingerie that you can wear with the best of conscience. Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

Grand Finale – Three Days Greenshowroom x Ethical Fashion Show


TOP 16 Eco-Labels – LangerChen

The good news first: The next winter is stylistically pretty great. Because there are again wonderful new models at LangerChen. A color-blocking rain jacket ensures a good mood in bad weather. A dreamlike denim-look woolwalk trench shows what’s possible with natural fibers. And – brand new in the program – an “all natural” Parka with cuddly wool padding and fake fur made of new wool.

LangerChen relies on more natural fibers. Pretty cool for a jacket and coat label!

Also pretty great: The coat “Valora” – here you can take off the cuddly-fluffy Fakefur collar if necessary … I know what I wear every day in the coming winter. By the way, for those who have not read my favorite coat post yet … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Maravillas Bags

All those who know me know that I have been traveling for some time with a beautiful handbag, which I told everybody its “pineapple leather”. In fact, Piñatex’s vegan material is not yet well-known outside of our sustainability bubble, but it’s always arousing maximum interest.

Innovative, natural and sustainable – Bags by Maravillas Bags from Piñatex

In addition to my handmade vegan favorite bag, stylish backpacks, sophisticated shoulder bags, etc., there are also “real” leather in the Mallorcan label. And of course that is vegetal tanned and locally produced. Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Movinun

My personal discovery of the summer is Slovenian label Movinun. Maša makes great cuts and works exclusively with natural materials. Even recycled PET will not be found at Movinun. Instead, she puts on tulle from organic cotton and recycled wool, the u.a. is used in a dreamy coat.

I am a woman. I should do as I like. – Statement-Shirts of Movinum

Especially beautiful at Movinun is once again the carefree play with lengths, widths, collar shapes. Favorite? Hard to decide. But of course I fell in love with the cuddly sweaters, which are made of certified wool and cotton. Oh yes: Of course, production is in Slovenia. Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Studio Jux

The Dutch eco-label Studio Jux has been one of the first label portraits on my-GREENstyle. A visit to the stand has a long tradition. Therefore a focus on news – you can find out more about the label here. Brand new in the program is next to Tencel the play with lines. Say: flounces. The wonderfully soft falling waves adorn numerous eco-darlings from next winter and provide plenty of momentum in everyday life.

My Nepali Tailor is a Rockstar

The favorite piece? The hand-knitted coat made of Nepalese wool. And of course the Tencel top with the extra-refined detail (picture). And that’s also available as a blouse and jumpsuit. Or the Tencel bomber in black? Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Nemanti Milano

Can you still remember the vegan high heels from Opificio V, which I wore at the PrePeek shoot last summer and praised them in the horn? I was a bit sad that they were not available this time. That’s why I opted for this magnificent model (picture) by Nemanti Milano. Just as great, vegan as well. And incredibly comfortable.

Opificio V became Nemanti Milano. The philosophy is the same. Vegan High Fashion Shoes

No wonder. Because Opificio V became Nemanti Milano. The Italian shoe label has changed its name, but has remained true to its philosophy: vegan shoes in the luxury segment. And so here are beautiful heels with velvet, platform loafers with smart details …. And always the focus on innovative materials. But on occasion more … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Fremdformat

Since 2014, the Heidelberg-based company has been using recycled silver and recycled gold plating. And who wonders why the engraving looks so massive? It is traditionally hammered with a steel stamp. Just like on the bestseller, the “handstamped chain” – which I do not show here now.

Screws, Nuts, Steel Stamps: The hallmark of foreign format? Industrial Look!

Handsome names as “handstamped chain” and at least as great are the diamond chain “Roswitha” and the geometric chain “Gertrud”. And of course the industrial look earrings (picture). And the super pretty chain of brass mothers, whose name I forgot … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Frieda Sand

The Frankfurt label comes from the baby and children area. But who can be small, can also big. And therefore since the HW 2016/17 season the favorite pieces are also available for ladies. I especially like the knitwear (new from next winter: merino wool from England) and the sophisticated prints.

New from next winter: Knitwear favorites from English merino wool

Just like on the transition coat “Pebbles”, which raises the topic of black and white to a whole new level. And incidentally solves the problem topic “transition coat” stylish … Good to know: Frieda Sand has no own online shop, but is u.a. available at showroom.de, glore.de. Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Suite 13

The top line is called Suite 13. The second label Heaven Lab. One of them is elegance, recycled wool, merino, organic cotton and tencel. The other line is a more casual and works exclusively with organic cotton. And they both have in common: GOTS and Oekotex certification, production site in Barcelona, ​​fair working conditions and calm, feminine favorite parts.

Made in Barcelona or support your local business – Suite 13

My favorite piece? A gold cape (even if I would call it curry) in combination with the printed blouse. These are two favorite pieces? So what? What belongs together must not be separated. On my wish list then just both … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Wild Fawn

Discovered at Innatex, met again at the Greenshowroom and still thrilled to the max. From design, philosophy. Simply everything. Self-taught artist Emma Barnes has had a mission since 2015: handmade jewelry made from recycled silver and Fairtrade gold. Made in England. In her own studio in London. Any questions? Actually, you just have to decide on one of the filigree, geometric favorite pieces. Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – Dedicated

Anything but boring, because the shirts and jumpers by Dedicated adorn kiss mouths, illustrations, graphic prints. Also in the past, the Swedish label has already worked with artists, actors, etc. This explains the XL range of fantastic prints. What can we look forward to for HW 2018/189? The illustrators Brian Rea (Los Angeles) and Chris Delorenzo (Massachusetts) and the photographer Ricky Powell, who has already photographed for the Beastie Boys.

Sustainability is boring? Dedicated proves the opposite since 2007

The materials? Tencel and Organic Cotton. There are extra points from me for the hangtags. They are made from recycled cotton. Good to know: Designed in Sweden – Made in India. And for those who are short of breath now – Dedicated reveals its complete supply chain. Just check out on dedicatedbrand.com and then look forward to the great look!


TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels – VAUDE

The outdoor industry has long been struggling with sustainability. Your location – nature. Your way of production – polluting the environment. This simply results from the function that the garment has to fulfill. Instead of just looking good, it has to withstand wind and weather. Be breathable at best. A difficult balancing act that the German outdoor company VAUDE copes with flying colors.

Sporting goal: to become Europe’s most sustainable outdoor brand. Already achieved in 2015!

The family business of Lake Constance relies on innovative materials to reduce the burden on the environment. Thus, instead of fluffy synthetic fiber fleece, which is making a name for itself because of the ever-growing micro-plastic problem, VAUDE relies on bio-based and biodegradable fibers. Wood instead of plastic is the motto here. The consumer does not notice the difference – but nature will be grateful.

There’s no better way: Green Shape Core Collection

Performance x Feel-good factor x Consistent sustainability: The 19-piece Green Shape Core Collection deserves special attention. Everything that VAUDE can do comes together here. And that’s a lot. The own material Ecopaxx, Q-Milk, Primaloft instead of down, Tencel, recycled hemp to name just a few examples. The Fair Wear Leader Member produces in its own (glass!) establishment in Germany and in its own production facility in Vietnam. Incidentally, it is co-produced for a few other manufacturers. Good manufacturers are rare after all. Congratulations to the latest award with the “Eco Achievement Brand Award” at the ISPO! Read more

 TOP 16 Eco-Labels

TOP 16 Eco-Labels –  Soruka

The Spanish label is a family business specializing in recycled leather bags. Not really vegan but beautiful and pretty smart. Instead of letting the discarded material rot in landfills, unique favorite pieces with clever details are created.

Style instead of landfill: leather leftovers create unique favorites

The shoulder bag can be transformed into a crossbody bag. And the backpack becomes a bag when needed. Great idea: For each bag, there is a pretty bag made of old sari fabrics as a reference to the country of production. And now the bad news: An online shop will be available later this spring … Read more

TOP 16 Eco-Labels

Published: 4.2.2018

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